Hand Engraving

Engraving on glass is a luxury service to add a personal and permanent touch to the item.  The etched surface will last a lifetime, making this item a treasured keepsake. The customer can have anything they desire engraved on the item, such as a name, monogram, date, phrase, or even artwork!  The drill is small and the noise is minimal; your event and product is in the spotlight.  The engraving than be left as a simple etching or filled with gold, silver, or black.

Engraving can be done on many surfaces, such as:

Glass – wine bottles, liquor bottles, glasses, perfume, candle jars, compact mirrors, and more!

Metal – coated and uncoated tumblers, lipstick, perfume, jewlery, makeup brush, and more

Stone – ceramic, marble, slate, etc.

Leather and Wood can also be engraved, but I’d recommend the embossing and heat foiling.


A handwritten gift tag or note is a luxurious extra touch to any gift.  Your clients will love seeing their name or message created right before their eyes in elegant calligraphy.  Offering this additional service to your clients or guests makes them feel truly valued and special.  Calligraphy can be written on almost any surface, not just paper.  I’ll work with you to find the perfect fit for your product.

If you are sending out invitations for your event, custom calligraphy can also make a great first impression for invitations.  When your guest receives a hand-addressed envelope in the mail, they know that this will truly be a special event.



Bottle Painting

Guests and clients are captivated by live artistry.  Guests can have their item painted with a quality acrylic paint.  Florals and other illustrations can be painted on not only perfume bottles, but other items as well, including the box.  The paint dries quickly and the customer’s piece of art is ready to take home in under fifteen minutes.  For a truly indulgent experience, pair bottle painting with hand engraving!






Pyrography includes foiling, debossing, and wood burning. 

Leather goods are taken to the ultimate level of luxury when they are personalized with pyrography methods.  These are perfect for wallets, handbags, key chains, luggage tags, journals, etc.  Heat foiling can be done on genuine or vegan leather.  The writing is written permanently on the leather surface in gold, silver, or rose gold.  Debossing of genuine leather leaves an indention of the design or writing in the leather.

The same tool can also be used to burn designs and words into wood.  This is an excellent choice for cutting boards and charcuterie boards.